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Skulls and Bones

A deconstruction. (via Skulls and Bones)

The cutest murder

(via Short For Bob)

Synthesis for Forest and Field

(via not shaking the grass) Peter Peri – The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field (2006) – Mixed media on canvas “The title is from a Bosch drawing where a tree has ears… Continue reading

Moth wings and marks on paper

‘One holder per Suren,’ 2006 ‘Commediola in un interno,’ 2007 ‘For a poem not written,’ 2006 Francesco Balsamo – ink and pencil on paper (via A Curiosity Of Mine)

Nature: Victoriana

(via I end up playing the Girlie Ghost.) All this needs is a white rabbit.


(via siphonophora) Diatoms are tiny, tiny, tiny but they are also one of the largest and ecologically most significant groups of organisms on earth. They’re responsible for feeding marine and freshwater microorganisms and… Continue reading


(via …with spine, (via Peony ♥ Lim: The meaning of Peony))

Locksley’s locks

Delicate Collections

(via Forbidden Alleys – Curiosity CLXXV – A Paper Cabinet Published by…) Gorgeous. Every bit.