The Perks of Designing with Spine

My latest project isn’t complete, but if I’m talking about the perils of Designing with Spine I think it’s only right to show you the perks as well. So here you are:

A snapshot of things wild and magic. But most notably…

A butterfly jug, and…

an apothecary spine.

The butterfly jug is one of my latest projects. The glass container is actually something that’s been in my family for a while. I’m sure at some point it contained booze of some kind but now it’s holding a different kind of spirit. Inside are pebbles and moss, and hanging from a clear thread from the glass stopper is a yellow swallowtail wing that we found on a walk in the woods.

The apothecary spine sort of got me started on this whole set. The container was given to me as wedding present by my sister but I wasn’t inspired to do anything creative with it until I found this section of spine–you guessed it–while on a walk in the woods. I still have no idea what sort of animal it belongs to, but it was in perfect, naturally cleaned, condition. It’s on a bed of pebbles and moss, with a few black river stones and a free vertebra.

There you have it. Something nice after dealing with something pretty gross. Which, I’m not going to lie, is something I have to remind myself when hovering over some vapid water and gooey bits. ha!