The Tulip Tree and I are on the same page

Every year the Tulip Trees (at least that’s what I THINK they are) in the park behind our apartment are the first to shed their green leaves for hues of yellow and orange and red. It starts at the middle to end of July and it’s the first taste of autumn in nature. And I LOVE it.

Autumn is my favorite season. I start thinking about it inappropriately early. So the tulip tree and I are on the same page. My senses are tuned to that special twinge in the air that whispers Fall. After the 4th of July, usually the weekend after the 15th, the craft stores start putting out their fall and Halloween stuff and that’s when it really kicks into overdrive.
By the end of August, forget about it. I’m in full-on Autumn mode. I want cider and campfires and fuzzy ponies leaning over black fences and wax dripping candles and roasted vegetables and colored leaves and pumpkin patches and spice cake and cemeteries in fog.

So get ready!