SPX 2011

Today a few of us went to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. It was my first time going so getting a lot of exposure to a slew of new things was pretty great.

For instance: Fliers. Lots of fliers.

I’m apparently slow-in-coming to this expo. It was a diverse crowd, but there were quite a few kids who are way cooler than me.

The future of comics. A kid with a big ol stack of reading.

Not only was it a diverse crowd, it was a pretty BIG crowd. The exhibition hall was packed with booths, artists, and expo visitors.

Approximately one ZILLION people.

We attended a panel discussion on drawing the grotesque, but for the most part we hung out in the exhibit hall. It was kind of a stimulation overload, but mostly in a good way.

Hilarious post-its.

I like his sign: “Offensive Portraits: $5”

My favorite booth by far, though, was Tiny Ghost Stories. I had never seen the work of Sarah Turner before, but immediately I was drawn to her set up.


After about 4 hours we left with plenty of materials to keep the creative high going. It was an inspiring crowd for sure.

A selection of acquisitions.

We did end up buying some things from Tiny Ghost Stories. Honestly, it was hard to pick! Sarah was offering “your own treehouse” so we snatched one up.

Tiny things from Tiny Ghost Stories creator Sarah L. Turner

I also really liked her small books. They pretty cleverly used images printed on vellum for the “ghostly” effect which really appealed to my old book arts brain.

I Dare You. Also makes me think of Bauhaus.

But I think my favorite thing was the screenprint we bought. There were so many that were good–foxes, horses, birds and cages. But we grabbed this “things-in-jars” one to bring home.
There’s nothing like getting some good art-kid stimuli to warm up your brain. Thanks to Sam, Molly, Chris, and Meg for experiencing it with me!