Farm in Autumn

This weekend a couple of pals and I went to Larriland Farm in Woodbine, MD for some autumnal harvest-time activities.


It was beautiful out! The trees were changing colors, the apples were tasty, and the pumpkins were ready for picking. There were all sorts of sounds and smells and tastes and textures to inspire.

Ghost and vampire bat. The vampire bat is my fav!

Some of my favorite things around the farm–that weren’t harvest or animal related of course–were the Halloween cut-outs. These were painted wooden shapes strategically placed on barns and fences and other unexpected places adding a weird and quaint sense of whimsy.

Bat. With a little spider on its wing.

Cat. So tempted to ear-tip it.

Something bout their simplicity and handmade qualities makes these things really endearing. Check out more olden-timey Halloween-ness at my favorite Vintage Halloween Blog.