For Christmas I received a gift of deep sentiment, from my aunt. It’s The Rusted Raven Scarf:
The tag included with it says, in part,

Hand loomed lated at night, December, 2011… Made of Raven Mist brushed mohair, Rusted Mist looped mohair, and 2 locks of horse hair.

This scarf is special for several reasons: it was handmade with me in mind by my aunt, and the mohair comes from The Wind-Gait Farm goats that live one mile away from her. But the most precious reason is that the hair comes from my first horse, Cinder.

The lock of hair she used was one I included in a journal we shared and mailed between us. It was one of the first bridle paths that I clipped as I raised Cinder from a 6-month-old foal to a 3-year-old mare.

It’s bittersweet. I sold her in North Carolina after I moved her from Washington State. It was the right decision at the time, but one that tortured me for years. It’s still painful to think about–but I take comfort in Gobie, the rescue horse I was able to save.

Detail, of Cinder’s hair woven into the scarf.

Merry Christmas, Cinder, where-ever you are.