Screencapture of Patrick McGoohan in Thomasina.

Thomasina is a classic Disney favorite about a little girl’s love for her cat, and the character development of her stern, widowed, veterinarian father (played by Patrick McGoohan).

I can’t say no to movie that has McGoohan in it, much less one that includes lots of animals, a kind “witch”, a little girl devoted to her pet, and even some animal advocacy. Some favorite scenes below:

Saving Bruce, the dog.

Ploying his daughter with a puppy.

Scoffing at prayer.

“I’m shutting your circus down for cruelty to animals!”

Comparing himself to a lost stray.

Not featured: McGoohan getting into a brawl with the circus king–though rest assured it was an excellent scrap, as evidenced by the gash on his head in the image above. There’s also nothing better than a once gruff gentleman, holding a cat, both soaking wet, as a movie climax.