Handsome on Horses: Part 2

There are so many good things about Sleepy Hollow, not the least of which is Ichabod’s horse, Gunpowder. If you recall from the original folklore story, Gunpowder is a far cry from the magnificent, otherworldly mount of The Horseman–in fact, he’s been described as being a “broken-down, partial blind old horse”. But, that only makes me love him more.
The animal actor who played Gunpowder in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow is horse named Goldeneye. Visually his black and frosted-white coat fits in perfectly to the dark, broody world of Burton. I’m also a big fan of the rough, highland pony look and Goldeneye has got it–stocky build, fuzzy winter coat, giant head, plucky disposition. Apparently Depp was a big fan too: he adopted Goldeneye after filming, saving him from being destroyed.