I first saw the movie The Princess and the Warrior when I was at home recuperating from a surgery where my hyoid bone was removed. This is important, I think, for two reasons: 1) The main characters meet when Bodo saves Sissi’s life by giving her a tracheotomy, and 2) I was on a lot of painkillers. Never the less, I’m pretty sure this is ACTUALLY a good movie, not just because I watched it at a time that would pretty much assure my allegiance to it.

Also, Benno Furmann is a handsome man.

It’s a love story, and you can read the synopsis at the link above. But some of the fine qualities of the fine include: it’s subtitled German, a lot of it takes place in a nut house, there’s a bank heist, and Bodo cries a lot.

A lot.

And while he claims it’s because of a genetic gland problem, we all know the truth–behind that tough exterior, he’s really just a sensitive young man. Am I right, ladies?

And if you enjoy gentlemen showing their sensitive side, check out photographer Sam Taylor-Wood’s portraits of famous actors crying.