Sherlock Style: Part 1

I’m sure you’ve noticed: I’ve been obsessed with Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes lately. It started of course with the first movie, and then renewed with the last. This is partly because of the excellent casting, the entertaining writing, the gripping filming, and the brilliant source material. But the pull I find most undeniable is the aesthetic of the entire thing.

The Victorian and Edwardian eras have long been favorites of mine from a visual (and psychological) standpoint. The “collector’s cabinet” aesthetic was born there, after all! It was during this period that science and technology and nature and magic and true understanding all touched. The intrigue of all of these things, brushed brightly, tragically, beautifully on the fingertips.

The Sherlock Holmes set designs pulled in these elements and did so with, what I think, is profound honesty and accuracy. It’s the little details that count.

No doubt, the design of Holmes and Watson’s apartment was referenced from the Holmes Museum on Baker Street.

(Sherlock Holmes Museum via Somewhere Else)

(221b Baker Street – Set)

You may think to yourself: the set design in this movie deserves some sort of award! You’d be right.

You absolutely must look through all the sets and their descriptions at Set Decorators Society of America.

(via SomeWhatSimple)

Like all great things, the sum of its parts makes this thing perfectly gorgeous.