Sherlock Style: Part 2

Things everywhere. Part of the visual intrigue of this movie for me is that there is so much to look at. Every desk, shelf, ledge, chair, arm rest, surface–has something on it or some sort of quirk to it. Tea cups balance precariously, upholstery is worn in all the right spots, books read-over a thousand times lay open, papers strewn everywhere bear scribbles of genius (or madness!), and tokens of adventures old and recent peek from unlikely places.Some of my favorite details from the first movie, though really there are too many to count: wooden boxes with tiny compartments, metal magnifying glasses, tattered books with tiny writing and skilled illustration, crystal glasses, a thousand non-matching tea cups and saucers, stoic and delicate oil lamps, silver serving trays, patterned everything, and parlor chairs in velvet resting in every corner.

From experience, you will drive yourself mad trying to find some of these things at your local antique shops–but I heartily endorse the pursuit.