Sherlock Style: Part 3

(Reordan’s Lab via Set Decorators Society of America)

Things in jars! It’s only fitting that Sherlock Holmes included a healthy does of things-in-jars. Not only could you spy specimens in Holmes’ abode, but there was and entire set, Reordan’s Lab’s, devoted to them.

Fitting, too, because the Victorian and Edwardian eras were the height of the Collector’s Cabinet. In an age of burgeoning science people were fascinated with natural wonders, and by amassing their own collection of these curiosities as a badge of prestige. Frequently art and science met in display of these items.

Holmes, a fan of things-in-jars?

Holmes, definitely a fan of things with spine.

Lucky for us, the Collector’s Cabinet aesthetic is alive and well and you don’t even have to be a naturalist (though finding your own stuff, I think, is the most rewarding).

Check out these sources of inspiration:
Paxton Gate
Ryan Matthew Cohn
Lisa Wood Curiosities

Skulls Unlimited

If you have your own favorites, feel free to share!