Sherlock Style: Part 4

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Last one, I promise.

The final component that left me totally obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes series (so far, at least) was the fashion–exclusively that of the gents, though the ladies looked lovely as well.

Hats, jackets, vests (or, waist coats, if you please), scarves, cravats, canes, crops, and LOTS of tweed.

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Like the rest, the details were delightful. Right down to the nails in Watson’s shoes.
Holmes particularly had a zillion great vests–the black-and-green was my favorite. I couldn’t find a decent representation of the pattern, but it reminded me a bit of something you’d find embossed on the label of a fancy bottle of absinthe.
The chair here, brilliant also. But the true star of this ensemble is the corduroy coat.

Though Holmes professes to not get along with horses, I was amused to see him toting around a riding crop. Perhaps to keep them in line?
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Clearly there is a fine respect for jackets in this film, which I heartily approve of, and endorse, thanks to my own affinity.

And in case you haven’t gotten enough of Edwardian Fashion with a modern aesthetic do check out the runway show from Alexander McQueen’s Autumn 2009 collection (bonus: musical accompaniment by Raymond Watts)