Mightier than the Sword

Nibs(via DailyMayhem)

Few things compare with the ecstasy of writing with an excellent pen. The writing implement is the tool and translator of thought, and when you’re working creatively your ideas can represented even more powerfully by the process of writing them down, and the lines made by your mark-making implement.

If you’ve never used a truly great pen, please treat yourself. The world was not meant to be scribbled down with a goopy disposable Bic. My two favorites are: Zebra and Ohto.

These and others can be found at a stationary store near you. My favorite shop is Maido Stationery in San Francisco. That’s a long way to travel, of course, but fortunately they have an online shop.

My current go-to: silky flow, fine line, industrial feel.

For the conscious and super efficient there is the multi-function pen. These pens are a thing of power and beauty, combining aesthetics, quality, and function. A great brand example is LAMY.

(via wearsherlock)

The above was featured on Sherlock and combines a black ink pen, pencil, and stylus. If that’s not your caliber, there’s a tremendous variety of combinations including my favorite:

Multi-function black pen ink, pencil, and orange marker.

It’s a modern interpretation of conscious writing. In an age of screens and digital print the art of writing it’s a nod to the old pleasure of writing: treasured implements, deliberate process, artful results. A modern interpretation of an enduring favorite.

(Screen-capture from Warner Brother’s Sherlock Holmes)