Rammstein was one of those bands that snuck into my discography at precisely the right time–loud, German, and just the thing to help quell teenage angst. But it wasn’t until now that I got to see them live–after a long absence from playing in America.

There was a lot of this:

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But pyrotechnics aside, they truly put on a show apart from a rock concert, something bordering on theater. A bit like Opera, our English speaking audience didn’t need to know the language to know the meaning behind the songs and the stories they conveyed.

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The gentlemen were generous and played for at least two hours, including two encores. It was a sort of “Best of” tour, and I was glad that my favorite was played–the video for which is practically cinema itself:

It was the end of the show that left the greatest impression on me, thought. The band lined up at the front of the stage and kneeled before the audience–reverentially. After all the fire and the growling it was honestly–and it feels weird saying it–touching.

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Cheers, Rammstein. Come back soon.