Kent Williams is an excellent human being

When Sam and I were first dating he mentioned that he had an internship with Kent Williams–an amazing figurative painter and graphic novel artist.

While Sam was interning they were working on The Fountain. Yep, the one that was made into a movie. In fact, Sam’s face was used as a reference for one of the hospital attendees:
For Sam’s birthday, early in our relationship, I got the brilliant idea that he should have a drawing, a painting, or SOMETHING by Kent Williams. If you’re familiar with Williams’ work you’ll realize that this was pretty crazy. His paintings hang in the homes of celebrities, and his work has been in a zillion museums–including the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.

I, however, was pretty naïve about it. So I just shot him an email saying, in effect, “oh hey Kent! Remember Sam? I’d like to give him something of yours for his birthday. Do you have anything? Love, June.”

And I got a really sweet reply back from the man himself! And in no time, this was in the mail:

This is a gorgeous page from The Fountain, of the main character tumbling through a limbo-like dreamspace. I couldn’t have picked, or imagined, a better piece.

Some tiny details:

As with most art, you really have to see it in person to fully appreciate how lovely it is. The line work is to die for, the movement in it is amazing.

We are so lucky to have this in our home–and every time I see it I’m reminded of the beginnings of what was to become Mr. and Mrs. Matics, and what an excellent human being Kent Williams is.