Little briar book

There are few things more gratifying than something made to specification, or the pleasure in pulling together your favorite elements into a whole.

Here’s a little book project I made. I’m a big scribbler of ideas, so I’m always in need of little notebooks to stash away and fill.

LittleBatBook_DoneThe process:

I always start with the elements–What paper do I want to use? What size should it be? What sort of binding will work best? What’s the purpose of this little book?

In this case I was itching to use a wallpaper sample I had ordered online. In large sheets it shows bats among flowers and thorny vines. The sample I got had no bats, but did have these beautiful briar flowers.

I also wanted a little notebook that would both fit comfortably in my hand, and be stashed easily in the small pockets of my new bag.

First thing’s first: cutting the book board.


Next: Measuring and cutting the paper, and trimming it for gluing.


Ah, yes. Gluing. My least favorite part. It’s a miracle if I can not make a total mess of it.


When they’re all glued and dried, the covers of the book look like a delightful and sharp little couple. My favorite part of this paper design are the thorns on the flower stems.


Now it’s time for the pages that will fill the book. I cut down computer paper, folded them over, and marked holes for stitching with this rather surgical-looking awl.


The stitching. Using 3 or 4 ply wax thread will ensure a sturdy binding. The color of this thread is “plum” which goes rather well with out purple, shimmery print.


The inside papers get a cardstock outer paper which will be glued to the covers. More glue!


After the inner pages and the covers have been glued together, I wrap it all up in paper and put it in a vice to set. You can use bull clips, or just wedge your new book between some heavy older books to help everything set up. I let this one set for 24 hours.

LittleBatBook_FitsAnd here we are! A book, perfectly suited to its habitat.