A Collection of Permanence

There are few things more permanent, more enduring than rock. Our planet is carved from the stuff, its history recorded in sediment. Examine a cross section and rock will tell you the story of eons in texture, in line, in color.

All rocks are not created equal. There are different types, with different compositions. They are influenced by their environment, and bear the marks of events they’ve endured. Some are assigned great value and locked away in vaults. Others are shuffled underfoot.

(via Mystic Domestica)

We’ve taken the hint from nature and we’ve used stone to record our own histories with carved words, and create the literal foundations of our civilizations. Rocks have weight, they are tangible. But they have also been prescribed metaphysical value in some traditions, with claims that stones carry their own energy and vibrations, that crystals can channel and heal.

(via Dans le Townhouse)

It is perhaps unconsciously that we are drawn to them. After all, what child hasn’t started a rock collection? Carefully curated, such a collection is made up of pebbles from vacations, stones from a woodland expedition, bits of gravel from  a visit to the city. This one being heart shaped, that one being the color of your father’s eyes, and another being just the right size to tuck into your pocket and smooth with the pad of your thumb. Each has their own story, their own significance and each were probably overlooked by a thousand other people–before, importantly, being found and made exceptional.

It’s time to start collecting.