Dried Flowers

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Victorian Microscope Slides

Mon dieu! What gorgeously designed science. “Even Victorian microscope slides were beautifully ornate.” (via io9)

National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum

In Washington, DC you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to free museums. With access comes familiarity–and having favorites becomes very easy indeed. Paul Manship is well represented in these galleries, and his… Continue reading

Black and bone

Black, glass, bone. Lovely! (via The Ancient Serpent)


Dickens described the death of Grip as follows: “On the clock striking twelve he appeared slightly agitated, but he soon recovered, walked twice or thrice along the coach house, stopped to bark, staggered,… Continue reading


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Mantle Bat

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Shadow Within

(via Misanthropya) “Shadow Within” by Christian Houge “explores man’s relation to the wolf and ultimately to himself.”

Little briar book

There are few things more gratifying than something made to specification, or the pleasure in pulling together your favorite elements into a whole. Here’s a little book project I made. I’m a big… Continue reading

The line begins to blur

(via Lisa Nilsson – Canis lupus familiaris (detail)) Amazing! A fantastic meeting of art and anatomy.