ROA – White Walls

(via ROA – White Walls on Vimeo) ROA is a Belgian graffiti artist whose designs are undeniably art. Beautiful and thoughtful, his work deals with the concepts of nature and decay. His street… Continue reading

Things in Jars: Bats

(via Bats, Wet Specimens | Flickr – Photo Sharing!)

Crow Pair

(via Skwisgaar Skwigelf)

Sunprint Cake

(via Epicute: Faux Sunprint Cake – Must Have Cute – Cute Kawaii Stuff)

Egon Schiele’s Mark

(via SCHIELE (Egon Schiele, signature detail  1914)) The texture of this mark is gorgeous!

Sleepy Hollow Stamp

(via SECRET FUN BLOG: SLEEPY HOLLOW STAMP WALLPAPER) I have this stamp, thanks to my aunt.

Secret Poison Case, Disguised as a Book

( via moshita-mashita)

Velvet Chair

(via college dropout – i’ve always liked chairs like this.)

Blackbird Model

(via procrastinating lou)


(via Jennifer Angus Homepage) The work of Jennifer Angus is a brilliant harmony of nature, art, and design. I’d imagine many people do a double-take: “Is that a REAL bug?” Her designs are… Continue reading