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Talks with horses

Some of the first art created by primitive man depicted horses–and still, to this day, the horse captures our collective imaginations. The modern horse comes in a variety of breeds and colors. Gobie… Continue reading

Great mushrooming

Remember the illuminated mushroom forest? This artist has recreated the same effect in lamp form. (via グレイト☆ワークス)

paper, nature, storytelling

(via STILL ALIVE) “[Sarah Dennis]’ work exemplifies the beauty of nature in fairy tales and whimsical childhood dreams, telling classic poems and folk tales through the medium of paper. Each piece is individually… Continue reading

221B’s Little Bottles

A corner of the Sherlock Holmes museum in London. (via ~nocturnalamethyst on deviantART)

Tell me fables

Portraits of an American Crow and a Red Tailed Hawk. (via bob croslin : birds)

Crackling Trees and Wild Winds

“I must see new things and investigate them. I want to taste dark water and see crackling trees and wild winds. I want to gaze with astonishment at mouldy garden fences. I want… Continue reading

Butterfly Eye

Oko by Marko Popadic.

Nature, Conscience in porcelain

“In my work this romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment.  These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors including climate change, toxic… Continue reading


Lichen like networks of nerves, like skeletal structure, like lace. By inimini (via THEREMINA)