Modern Dragons

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Magical Mushrooms

In an enchanting woodland area of Shikoku, known to locals as the “glowing forest,” mushrooms and fallen leaves emit a magical light for just a short period of time each year. Nature, full… Continue reading

Pretty things ‘neath your feet

Ultra close-up photographs of sand. Such teeny, tiny bits of wonderment. (via Mail Online)


“They are big, almost our alter egos. These imposing creatures turn their backs on us in superb indifference, captivated by a sight that we cannot see. With their wide necks and large bodies,… Continue reading

A study of Butterfly Wings by Linden Gledhill

  Gorgeous close-ups of the scales that make up butterfly wings. (via A study of Butterfly Wings by Linden Gledhill (NOTCOT))

Hyoid Day

hyoid bone [os hyoideum] Situated in the anterior midline of the neck between the chin and the thyroid cartilage. At rest, it lies at the level of the base of the mandible in… Continue reading

Harpy Eagle

(via So Close, So Far) A self portrait.


(via neptunes bounty)

Beautiful work

(via When I was twelve, I dreamed of living in a…)

Peter Huchel

The autumnal flourish of poplars. And villages walled in By howling dogs, At the gate The bolt wedged fast, The gold hidden In the rusty iron pot. Late the last farmstead. Shot to… Continue reading